We proudly serve French Truck coffee, roasted in New Orleans

Daily Brew $1.75 / $2.25

Le Gran Coq Rouge – medium dark Central/South American blend

Small -10oz / large – 16oz

Decaf Brewed Coffee $1.75

10oz / served as a pour-over

Cold Brew $3.75

New Orleans Blend with chicory, brewed toddy style

Espresso $2.50

Belle Noir – a rich, chocolatey blend of beans

from Latin America and Ethiopia. hot or iced

Americano $2.75

espresso plus hot water. hot or iced

Macchiato $3

espresso with a splash of steamed milk and foam

Cortado $3.25

espresso with equal amount of steamed milk and foam

Cappuccino $3.50

espresso with a bit more mostly foam

Flat White $3.50

espresso with a bit more mostly steamed milk.

Latte $3.75

espresso with the most  steamed milk and foam. hot or iced

Mocha $4.25

a latte with chocolate syrup. hot or iced

Café Au Lait $2.75

daily brew with steamed milk

Red Eye $4.50

espresso with brewed coffee. hot or iced

Extra espresso shot $.50

Creamers – Whole Milk, Half and Half, Almond Milk, Oat Milk

Sweeteners and Syrups – white sugar, raw sugar, Splenda, stevia, and Plain Simple (free), Vanilla (free), Lavender, Cardamom, Rose

Let us know how you like your coffee, so we can make it right!

Pagoda Cafe